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Optical Brightener CBS-X/brightener 351 cas27344-41-8

Short Description:

brightener 351 is a high-efficiency optical brightener widely used in textile, plastic, detergent, paper and other industries. It effectively enhances the brightness, whiteness and visual appeal of final products, giving them an attractive and vibrant appearance. With its excellent performance, COB-351 ensures long-lasting color retention and stability, making it ideal for maintaining the attractive appearance of products.

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 Product Details

Chemical formula: C26H26N2O2

 CAS number: 27344-41-8

 Molecular weight: 398.50

 Appearance: light yellow crystalline powder

 Melting point: 180-182°C

 Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents

 Application: COB-351 is compatible with various polymers, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE) and polyester (PET). It can be used in the manufacture of textiles, detergents, plastics, paper and other industries that need to improve whiteness and brightness.


 High Efficiency: COB-351 provides excellent whitening effect at low dosage, saving cost and reducing environmental impact.

 Excellent compatibility: The fluorescent whitening agent exhibits excellent compatibility with different polymers and can be easily added during production.

  Good resistance: COB-351 is resistant to heat, light and chemicals, ensuring long-lasting brightness even under harsh conditions.

 Safety and environmental protection: Our products do not contain harmful substances such as APEO and heavy metals, promoting a safe and sustainable production process.


Appearance Yellow-green homogeneous powder Conform
Maximum absorption wavelength (nm) 349±1 348
Ultraviolet absorptionfluctuation range 1120±15 1120
Moisture and volatiles (%) ≤3.5 1.90
Appearance Yellow-green homogeneous powder Conform
Maximum absorption wavelength (nm) 349±1 348

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