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Optical Brightener ER-1 cas13001-39-3

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ER-, a powerful and effective chemical optical brightener.  Cas13001-39-3, commonly known as ER-, is a cutting-edge solution revolutionizing the field of textile whitening.  ER-I is widely popular for its unique ability to enhance the brightness and whiteness of fabrics, making it an important ingredient in many industries.

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ER-stands out among many optical brighteners for its excellent quality and excellent performance. It is widely regarded as a remarkable tool for transforming fabrics into brilliant, vibrant and visually appealing products.

Our team of experts invested a lot of time and effort in developing the ER-I to ensure it exceeds industry standards. With its unrivaled whitening properties, it has become the first choice in industries such as textile, paper, plastics and detergents.

The key to the success of ER-I lies in its chemical composition. It is a highly efficient optical brightener that absorbs invisible ultraviolet light and converts it into visible blue light. This unique feature enables ER-I to counteract the natural yellowing or graying of fabrics, restoring its original brightness and enhancing its overall appearance.

Compared with traditional whitening agents, ER-has many advantages. It offers increased color fastness and excellent light stability, ensuring long-lasting results that withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and regular washing. Furthermore, it is highly compatible with various textile fibers, allowing seamless integration into existing manufacturing processes.

Safety is our top priority and we are proud to say that the ER-complies with international safety regulations. It does not contain harmful substances and is suitable for use in a variety of consumer products.

The application of ER-is simple and efficient. It can be easily added during the manufacturing process or applied as a post-processing. By incorporating ER-into your production line, you can transform ordinary fabrics into eye-catching, stunning and extraordinary creations.


Appearance Yellow green powder Conform
Effective content (%) 98.5 99.1
Melting point (°) 216-220 217
Fineness 100-200 150
As(%) 0.3 0.12

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