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optical brightener 367/Optical Brightener KCBcas5089-22-5

Short Description:

optical brightener 367cas5089-22-5 lies in its ability to enhance the visual appeal of products by dramatically improving their color and brightness. This brightener is specially formulated to dramatically reduce the yellowing or dull appearance of fabrics, plastics, paper and detergents, resulting in a vibrant, eye-catching end product.

Our chemical optical brightener 367cas5089-22-5 can be seamlessly integrated into a range of manufacturing processes including textile printing, plastic molding, pulp and paper production and detergent formulations. By utilizing this superior product, manufacturers can effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of the final product, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and market competitiveness.

Product Detail

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 Excellent whitening performance: The chemical optical brightener 367cas5089-22-5 shows impeccable performance in improving color brightness and whiteness, effectively eliminating any unwanted yellowing or dullness. The result is products that effortlessly catch the eye and engage consumers.

 Wide applicability: Our optical brighteners can be effectively applied to a variety of materials, including fabrics, plastics, paper and detergents. This versatility makes it a truly valuable solution for manufacturers across industries, ensuring their finished products always sparkle.

 Long-lasting effect: Our chemical optical brightener 367cas5089-22-5 can provide a long-lasting visual enhancement effect, ensuring that the product maintains its brightness and whiteness for a long time. This exceptional durability helps to maintain the attractiveness of the product even after prolonged use, making it stand out in the market for longer.

 Stability and Compatibility: We understand the importance of product stability and compatibility. Our optical brighteners exhibit excellent stability under varying processing conditions and are compatible with a wide range of chemical formulations, ensuring consistent performance and ease of integration for manufacturers.


Appearance Yellow green powder Conform
Effective content (%) 98.5 99.1
Melting point (°) 216-220 217
Fineness 100-200 150
As(%) 0.3 0.12

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