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Optical Brightening Agent BBU/Optical Brightener 220 CAS16470-24-9

Short Description:

Optical Brightener 220 (CAS 16470-24-9), a revolutionary product designed to enhance brightness and whiteness in various applications. Leveraging advanced technology and expertise, our optical brightener delivers unmatched performance and reliability, making it an excellent choice for industries seeking outstanding results. In this product introduction, we will delve into the core description of our optical brightener, as well as provide detailed information on its specifications and features.

Product Detail

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Optical Brightener 220, a highly efficient and versatile fluorescent whitening agent, is widely used in the textile, paper, plastic, and detergent industries. It acts by absorbing invisible ultraviolet light and re-emitting it as visible blue light, thereby counteracting the natural yellowing of materials. This process dramatically improves the appearance of the final product, generating a brilliant and pure white effect.

 Product Details

1. Specifications – The Chemical Optical Brightener 220 is commonly available in a powder form with a bright yellowish appearance. It is soluble in organic solvents and exhibits high stability under various processing conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

2. Features:

a) Excellent Brightening Property – Our optical brightener effectively brightens and enhances the whiteness of textiles, papers, and plastics, thereby producing visually appealing and high-quality end products.

b) Wide Application Range – It can be easily incorporated into a variety of materials, including cellulose fibers, synthetic fibers, paper pulp, and thermoplastics.

c) Good Resistance to Washing and Light – The brightening effect remains intact even after repeated washing or prolonged exposure to sunlight, making it ideal for applications requiring durability.

d) Compatibility – The product is compatible with a range of chemicals and additives commonly used in the respective industries. This enables easy integration into existing manufacturing processes without any adverse effects.


Appearance Yellow green powder Conform
Effective content (%) 98.5 99.1
Melting point (°) 216-220 217
Fineness 100-200 150
As(%) 0.3 0.12

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