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Fluorescent Brightener 135 cas1041-00-5

Short Description:

fluorescent whitening agent 135 is a fluorescent whitening agent whose function is to absorb ultraviolet light and emit blue light, thereby improving the overall brightness and whiteness of the material. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications including textiles such as cotton, wool and synthetics, as well as plastics, detergents and paper.

Product Detail

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fluorescent whitening agent 135 is a bright yellow powder, easily soluble in organic solvents, but insoluble in water. It has a high melting point and good thermal stability, ensuring its effectiveness in various processing techniques.

 High Brightness and Whiteness Efficiency: Our chemical optical brightener 135 provides excellent brightness and whiteness improvement, making it an excellent choice for products requiring a vibrant and attractive appearance. The enhanced brightness effect is long-lasting, providing long-lasting visual enhancement.

Process Compatibility: The optical brightener performs well in different processing methods including dyeing, printing and finishing. It can be easily incorporated into various production steps without compromising the overall performance or quality of the final product.

 Excellent chemical stability: Chemical optical brightener 135 is chemically stable and does not react with other substances commonly used in processing and manufacturing. Thus, the long-term stability and durability of the treated material is guaranteed.

 Eco-friendly: Our products do not contain harmful substances, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and safety standards. It does not contain any heavy metals, making it safe to use and minimizing negative impact on the environment.


Appearance Yellow green powder Conform
Effective content (%) 98.5 99.1
Melting point (°) 216-220 217
Fineness 100-200 150
As(%) 0.3 0.12

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