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Fluorescent Brightener KSN cas5242-49-9

Short Description:

KSN is a high-efficiency water-soluble fluorescent whitening agent, which belongs to the class of stilbenes. With its excellent fluorescent properties, the reagent is widely used in paper, textile, detergent, soap and many other industries where whiteness and brightness are critical.

Known for its excellent whitening effect, KSN can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays and convert them into visible blue light, thereby improving the whiteness and brightness of the products it is applied to. This results in a visually appealing appearance and improves overall product quality.

KSN has a chemical formula of C36H34N12Na2O8S2, a molecular weight of 872.84 g/mol, and exhibits excellent stability over a wide range of pH values, making it suitable for various manufacturing processes. In addition, its water solubility further provides ease of application, ensuring seamless integration into different production lines.

Product Detail

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 Whitening properties: KSN imparts bright fluorescence, thereby improving whiteness, which will surely attract customers’ attention. Its ability to convert UV radiation into visible blue light provides a unique brightening effect that will set your product apart from the competition.

 Wide range of applications: KSN has a wide range of applications and can be used in various industries such as papermaking, textile printing and dyeing, and detergent manufacturing. Its compatibility with different substrates ensures seamless integration into your production process.

 Stability and durability: KSN has excellent stability and can maintain its whitening effect even under harsh conditions. You can trust that your products will retain their brightness and whiteness over time, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

 Environmental protection: KSN is committed to sustainable development, does not contain harmful substances, and meets international standards. Its eco-friendly properties keep your products safe while minimizing negative impact on the environment.


Appearance Yellow green powder Conform
Effective content (%) 98.5 99.1
Melting point (°) 216-220 217
Fineness 100-200 150
As(%) 0.3 0.12

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