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Wholesale factory cheap Sucrose octaacetate Cas:126-14-7

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Sucrose octaacetate is a white crystalline powder that is easily soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, benzene, and acetone. It is derived from sucrose through the process of acetylation, forming a stable compound with excellent chemical stability. This unique property makes it suitable for use in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and specialty chemicals.

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As a pharmaceutical ingredient, sucrose octaacetate is widely used for its controlled drug release properties. It controls the release of the active ingredient in the drug, ensuring optimal absorption by the body and thus enhancing the effectiveness of the drug. Furthermore, its compatibility with various substrates and solvents makes it an ideal ingredient for pharmaceutical formulations.

In the cosmetic industry, sucrose octaacetate has a wide range of advantages. It acts as an emollient, providing a smooth and silky texture to cosmetics such as lotions, creams and serums. It has excellent solubility in organic solvents and can be easily incorporated into various formulations to enhance product quality and performance.

Sucrose octaacetate is also widely used in the manufacture of specialty chemicals. It is a key intermediate in the production of flavors and fragrances, providing a distinctive aroma and taste to various consumer products. Its stability and versatility make it the ingredient of choice for creating high-quality flavors and fragrances to satisfy discerning customers.

We are pleased to present to you our high quality chemical product, Sucrose Octaacetate, CAS No. 126-14-7. The product is popular in various industries for its excellent performance and wide range of applications. We invite you to explore the properties and benefits of Sucrose Octaacetate that make it an ideal choice for your needs.


As a leading supplier of Sucrose Octaacetate, we guarantee the highest quality and purity of our products. Our manufacturing processes follow strict industry standards to ensure consistent and reliable product performance. In addition to great products, we are also committed to providing great customer service. Our team of knowledgeable experts is always ready to resolve any queries and provide tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements.

In summary, our Sucrose Octaacetate (CAS:126-14-7) has a wide range of benefits and applications making it a highly sought after chemical across various industries. Its controlled drug release properties, emollient properties, and versatility in specialty chemical production make it a valuable ingredient. We invite you to contact us for inquiries or to place an order. Experience the exceptional performance of sucrose octaacetate and unlock new possibilities for your products.


Appearance Off-white to white powder Conforms
Melting point(°C) Not lower than 78 82.8
Acidity Not lower than 2 drops Conforms
Water(%) Not lower than 1.0 0.2
Residue on ignition(%) Not lower than 0.1 0.04
Assay(%) 99.0-100.5 99.2

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